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Teeth for a Welded Drill Bit


The following page has a full-size picture of welded drill bit teeth.  However, it must be printed by itself on a single piece of paper.  You'll need to set up your system to print this page if you haven't done so already to print this manual.  

Step One: Prepare your printer

First, turn off page headers and footers and set the margins to the widest possible settings.

  • In Microsoft's Internet Explorer, choose File|Page Setup... 
  • Delete any text or codes in the "Header" and "Footer" fields. 
  • Set your margins (top, bottom, left and right) to .5"  (You may be able to set even smaller margins, it really depends upon your printer's capabilities.  Only experimentation will tell...)

Step Two: Fetch and print

  • Press the links below to display the pictures on your screen. 
  • Use your browser's File|Print menu to print the picture. 
  • After printing, press your browser's Back button to return to this page.


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