Wellspring Africa's

Tricky Bits Kit

If you chose to use our percussion drill, we have a kit you can purchase ($300) that contains all the tricky parts expertly formed and welded with new steel.

We’ve found that local welders in Africa (and the U.S., I should add) are immensely skilled at copying tools, but generally lousy at reading blueprints and technical drawings. However, the option of shipping the entire drill kit would be woefully expensive, since the bit and bailer are mostly just heavy steel.

So the Wellspring Africa Tricky Bits Kit has the teeth, the loops, the hooks, the bailer flap valve, and the jars – along with connectors and 100’ of nice braided nylon rope – all packed to be checked in at the airport.

In the field, one adds short piece of 6” pipe and some scrap steel to make up the body of the bit and they are ready to drill.

Or, better yet, you can use the kit as a model to copy and build more drill tools.

Contact us for more information: missenc@wellspringafrica.org


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