Wellspring Africa's
Drilling Wells by Hand Book and Video

This handbook on the hand powered percussion drill is a reasonably well-illustrated 80-page book providing drill designs, drilling tips and tricks, a little history, and good background information on groundwater.

    Click to read >>   Drilling Wells by Hand

As well, I have prepared a 12-minute video that explains how the drill works. 

    Click to watch >>     Hand Powered Percussion

 Both the video and the book, as well as a wealth of photos from our field work, are now available on a CD.  A computer with any Web browser is all that is needed to view the materials.  Once again, the cost is essentially duplication and shipping: $10.

This format allows us to distribute free copies to the developing world at little cost, please consider supporting the distribution of this information to others in the developing world.

To order a printed book, the CD (with book and video), or to make a donation to Wellspring Africa, please click on the following link...